Endorsements for CMH

"As a pastor for more than thirty years who has a heart for world missions, I wholeheartedly endorse the ministry of Children of the Most High and missionaries, Kevin and Dociah Friedrich. I have known Kevin since he came to Christ. This wonderful couple are dedicated to the task and together with their small staff in Zambia are changing the lives of children that will have an eternal effect. Kevin has demonstrated that for him “to live is Christ”. He found the Lord many years ago under my ministry. I truly consider him one of my “sons” in Christ. Our church supports them and any church I would ever pastor would do the same. I pray that many of my friends in the ministry will consider their work as a part of their missions outreach. "
- Rev. Richard C. Jones, Pastor, Jersey Shore Assembly of God

"Kevin and Dociah Friedrich have been faithfully attending our church since 1996. They have participated in the prison ministry and they also began a cell group ministry. Our Missions Board  supported them as they began a ministry in Zambia for children, widows, and the poor, called
Children of the Most High. The church has been supporting them monthly with finances. During the last 10 years that I have known them, Kevin and Dociah have shown me that they are a man and woman of integrity. They have persevered through many trials in the ministry. They are hard workers and honest people. It has been a privilege to know and work with them."  - Rev. Thomas Vargis, Pastor, Pennridge Full Gospel Tabernacle, Blooming Glen, PA   (Global Christian Ministry Forum International)

"Children of the Most High expresses the heart of the Gospel to those who are in tremendous need - orphans, widows, and the poor.  Kevin and Dociah Friedrich have established, by the grace of God, a ministry that reaches into the depths of sin's darkness with the love of Christ. We consider it a great  privilege to support and partner with them."   -
Rev. Mark MacLean, Associate Pastor, Worship Church, Ewing, NJ  (Assemblies of God).

"I have known Kevin since he was a student in my academically rigorous classes.  As student, friend, minister, and missionary I have come to appreciate and respect his character, commitment, ability, and work.  I am proud to be a friend and supporter of Kevin, Dociah, and their ministry
." - - Dr. Bruce Marino, M.A., Ph.D., Professor of Theological and Philosophical Studies, The University of Valley Forge, Phoenixville, PA.

"I have known Kevin and Dociah since 1991. They are two of the most dedicated people I know and they are totally committed to God’s work. Kevin worked for me in the Facilities Department at Valley Forge Christian College when he was a student, some of the duties included operating the boilers that heated the campus (500 hp. 25million BTU) carpentry jobs as well as helping on grounds, but the most important job was roofing. To this day I still call Kevin my “roofer.” There was never a time when Kevin would not at least try to get the job done. Even if the Housekeeping Dept. needed help he was there. During the time Kevin was at the University of Valley Forge (formerly Valley Forge Christian College), he not only studied and worked but he was always storing things to be used in the ministry that God called him into, and that was to do exactly what he is doing now. I pray Gods Blessings on Kevin and Dociah and the work that they do for the Kingdom of God.   - William J. Werkheiser, Director of New Construction & Renovation (retired), University of Valley Forge