MARCH 2009

We bless and thank the Lord God Almighty for His mercy, love, care and, faithfulness to our big family and His work through us in Zambia.  We give Him all the praise and glory for the work He has enabled us to accomplish since the inception of Children of the Most High until now.  More lives have been helped this year than we had thought possible.  We treasure every difficulty encountered during the course of the year as these only come to strengthen our resolve to serve God and others in His name.  AMEN!!!

It is with gratitude to the Lord, great joy and, pleasure that we share the following summary of what was done during this year, in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ:

School Sponsorships:
With the help of our partners we sponsored 36 children in our full care program to do the following grades:
- Five children to preschool.  Two of these attend a private preschool.
- One is doing grade 1 at a private school.
- Two are doing grade 2 at a private school .
- One is doing grade 3 at a private school .
- Fifteen children entered grade 9.  One is in boarding school .
- Eight are doing grades 4 – 7 .
- Two are doing grade 11 .
- Two are doing grade 12 .

Of these three are in boarding school.  All the fees were paid on time and all school requirements met.  Praise God.  

In addition to these we paid school fees for an additional
324 children doing Grades 1 – 12 .  Of these one is at a boarding school. 

Community School:
The school is steadily growing in every way.  We registered an enrolment of
295 children doing grades 1through 7 this year and we had to turn many away because our facilities are limited.  Furthermore, our school is only supposed to cater to orphans and vulnerable children.  But the grade7 results of the 2007 and 2008 classes have advertised the school so much that we had to redirect some of them to other schools in the vicinity.  We have looked at the possibility of getting two more teachers in order to accommodate the introduction of a grade 8 class -  this would bring our staff to ten volunteer teachers. 

CMH-Z has seen another group of pupils go through the selection examination.  Twenty-six sat for the exam and out of this group 24 qualified to go to grade 8 with the majority of the children getting over 600 points and three had above 700 out of 1000 points.  Only two had between 530 and 570 points.

There has been one hitch this year in that CMH was not able to provide scholarships for these children to send them to grade 8.  The parents and caregivers were also not able to pay for the children to continue with their education.  As such, CMH-Z has requested the Ministry of Education for permission to start grades 8 and 9 at the school.  The response has not yet been received but we are hopeful that permission will be granted.  

In order to improve the sanitary situation at the school, we have been able to build a block of nine toilets.  The doors have been put in place, plastering of the walls both inside and outside has been completed and the  floor is also completed.  We still have painting and Grill Gates.  Work on the welding of Grill Gates is in progress.

The two teachers that were sponsored for training were referred in one subject each and had to rewrite.  They both did well and will be completing in April 2009. 

We are also thankful to the Lord for the
grant we were awarded by Rapids through Expanded Church Response (ECR). We were able to pay school fees and get school bags, school shoes and, exercise books for the children.

Children’s Safe Homes:
The number of children we house in three houses fluctuates.  At the writing of this report we had
36 children.   Seven children have been returned to their relatives during the year for various reasons.

CMH-Z was able to house, feed, clothe, educate and care for these children because of the support of many partners.  We still have a challenge of getting adequate housing to meet the need.

CMH-Z wishes to do more for the suffering children, but getting land to build houses on or houses to rent is very difficult.  We pray the situation will change someday so that we can help more than we are able to help currently.  Please pray for this need.

Nutrition Program:
We are thankful to the Lord for the number of babies He has saved through this program.  During the year we only received one new request from a mother with triplets and so we have been providing milk and cereal for 8 babies. It is fulfilling to see babies who once had no hope, very weak, with a sad empty look and sometimes sickly due to hunger, walking and looking very happy and healthy.  Praise God.

CMH-Z Agricultural Efforts:
During the year we planted groundnuts, sweet potatoes and beans.  Though we have just started harvesting, we are pleased with the groundnuts but we can only comment on sweet potatoes after the harvest.   We also thank God that we now have our own oxen and ploughing was not a problem. 

Prayer Team:
Nothing above has just been a result of mere human effort.  A lot has come about because many people pray everyday for CMH.  We are thankful to the Lord for everyone who has been praying for us. We also thank God for those we may never meet or hear from, who are praying for orphans and NGOs that care for them.  We give praise to God who hears and answers our prayers and those of our partners.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dociah Moono Friedrich
April 2009